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With over thirty eight years developing products in the desktop, embedded, and internet sectors, Dr. Mike Kogan has the experience and knowledge required for your technology needs. Whether it's Intellectual Property Litigation, Expert Testimony and Support, Platform development, or Internet web site and application development, Dr. Kogan is known for his ability to provide rapid, innovative solutions to your challenges. He has significant experience leading product development teams, as a consultant, and as an expert witness in support of technical litigation.

Dr. Kogan's clients include a wide array of technology companies including IBM, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, HTC, Google, Sony, and Intel to name a few, and some of the top intellectual property legal firms in the world. His specialized skill areas include operating systems and system software, cross-platform system software, computer platform and microprocessor architecture, I/O device programming and management, power management, consumer electronics, and project management.

Consulting services include expert support of technical litigation, technical analyses, operational and feasibility assessments, and software/hardware design and development. Recent IP and technical litigation support work includes patent analysis, claim construction, invalidity and non-infringement reports, deposition preparation, testimony in deposition and court, expert opinion, code analysis, prior art research, arbitration, and dispute resolution. Recent development activity includes web programming utilizing object-oriented web technologies such as Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, Java, XML-RPC, and SOAPĀ in web and mobile applications on Apple and Android mobile platforms.

Dr. Kogan is coauthor of the book The Design Of OS/2, which describes the motivation, design, and internals of the 16-bit and 32-bit OS/2 systems, a freelance writer published in the IBM Systems Journal, the Personal Systems Developer, OS/2 Professional, Electronic Entertainment, and Byte Magazine, and a member of the ACM and the IEEE.

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